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From: Lacy White
Subject: Force Fed 2Force Fed 2by
After my first cocksucking experience of Bob stuffing his dick in my mouth
during a sleepover it seemed that was all that I thought about. I liked the
feeling of my lips being stretched to the limit to accommodate his girth. It
was almost trance like when he sawedthat hard and smooth as glass shaft back and forth over my lips. It was a
surprised and then giddy feeling as his cum streamed over the roof of my wet
mouth, then my tongue and finally down my eager throat.
The next few days I must have jerked off dozens of times and always with the
mental picture of his cock in my hand or in my mouth. One dose and I was
addicted to dick I guess.
Most of the output from those hand jobs were deposited into a pair of my
sister's panties and then either they got washed out and stashed back into
the clothes hamper or a few of them mysteriously disappeared into my
collection.(I nude russia preteens told you I was becoming a lingerie freak).
The only things of my sisters I could fit into were some of the panties. Her
bras, which I found sexy as hell, would not fit me. I jerked off with them
too but just dragged them over my nuts and stared at them to make me
hornier. I don't think she had any slips or if she did so few that one
missing would be noticed. Mom had some but her stuff was not a turn on for
some reason. Any way. Back then the parents played bridge almost every
Friday night with friends and I guess they figured I was not good left alone
so they would drag me along with them. The people who hosted would just send
me off to watch TV while they played.Some times the TV was in the basement or they had one in the living room and
one in the bedroom. I came to always ask if there was nude preteens password
another set besides
right where they played cards. I didn't want to disturb them.
The real reason was it gave me a chance to go thru their laundry in the
basement or thru their drawers in the bedroom. I searched out all kinds of
lingerie and some of these women had some hot stuff. I would snag a few
pieces and go into a bathroom to try things on. Found a lot of stuff that
would fit that way and then I just stuffed them in my pants or nude preteens password
a few times I
dropped them out a window behind some bushes and came back the next day to
get them. My collection was growing immensely.
The Friday after my first cock I was feeling really horny in the morning but
had to get to school so without enough time to jack off with some of my
"special" clothes I decided to slip into a pair of pale blue nylon panties
with a small pink bow on the waistband at either side.Cute I thought and they felt oh so good against my balls. I expected a
hardon all the way to school.
During classes I took every chance I had to put my hand in my pants and feel
their silky see nude preteens goodness. I was so horny I thought that I would burst but I
could not seem to get a chance to hit the restroom and take care of my
After school I was going to jog home just so I could beat my meat sooner.
Then Bob drove up and asked if I wanted a ride. His dad had left him the
car, an older Buick with a bench seat in the front and lots of chrome. Sure
I wanted a ride and he wanted to take advantage of having the car for a few
hours and go somewhere. So we drove to a lake about 5 miles from where we
lived. He stopped under some trees and said "You want to pull them out and
jerk off?"
"Hell yes," I said not remembering what style of underwear I had on that
day. I undid my fly and started pushing them down before I realized that Bob
was staring at my panties and the pretty bows.
"Aaa, What's with the sexy undies , preteen model teen
Dude? Them some of your sisters?"
"Aaa, Not my sisters. I have other sources and they just plain feel good to
wear. You like the feel of that come rag slip you cindy preteen photos use right? Well this is
what I have for the same effect."
"But you wore the to school" galeries preteen
he said kind of stunned.
"Nobody would see them, so what. Are we jerking off or not?"
I was surprised as he quickly slid over closer to me on the passenger side
and put my hand on his bulging crotch. "Since you like being a little girly
today how about you unzip me and help me get it out.?"
Nervously I undid the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper slowly
letting my hand feel the swollen object inside. Bob raised his hips and
pushed his jeans to his ankles. The he took my hand and placed it nude preteens password on that
thick dick that I had enjoyed the week before.
I stroked it for about a minutes with a very open grip just caressing the
smooth flesh. Just grazing the surface. Wow. It felt good to be holding it
again. My grip tightened and I pulled a little harder like I was pumping at
a well. Easy downstroke firm gripping upstroke and there it was. I puddle of
precum had appeared.
"Stop!" Bob said. "You want that? You want to taste it?"
I nodded. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down until
his cocked was illegal site preteen an inch from my lips. "Lick it." I did with excitement and
vigor. "Now do you want to suck it again?" I just gave a little nod and
opened my lips. He pushed my face onto his fat shaft and instantly I was
devouring that cock meat. He took his hand away knowing it wasn't needed
based my my attack of his hard tool with my lips and tongue. I was leaking
all over in my pretty panties.
This was not an ideal position but I persevered. My tongue bathed every inch
of the glassy shaft. It circumnavigated the spongy crown numerous times as
my brain swelled sex preteens pics
with passion each time around. As new precum appeared at
the tip I swirled it off eager to feel the slippery texture. I let each dose
rest on my lips until the salty sweetness had faded. Yummy. My panties were
His hand preteens magazin nude
returned to my head guiding me to get a bobbing motion going and it
took little urging to get me into that. His did spread my gwen preteen model
lips fully as the
head slide over my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I think I was blessed
with a very high roof of the mouth so I could get big cocks in there
comfortably and keep my tongue working on them as well.
The heat, the meat, the girth of his shaft as I aggressively bathed it in my
wanting mouth or out of it. I handled his big nuts some too. Balls were not
the big thrill for me but I was loving the sensations of his thick, smooth,
and long cock in my face. I loved pleasuring that thing.I never really focused on who it was just how good the cock was.
Then the moaning started. I was really making progress and I sensed his cock
swell even larger just before the first grunt and a firehose like blast of
thick and yummy come shot over the roof of my mouth and directly into my
throat. I had no time to enjoy that because it preteen schoolgirls models was swallow or stop
breathing. I raised my head slightly from his crotch and enjoyed the next 4
blasts. I kept all of that in my mouth and tossed it around in there
slopping it back and forth over the head of his spurting cock.
Got too full and had to knock back those loads. I took a short breath and
went all the way down to my limit, firmly gripped that lovely dick with my
lips and slowly pulled my head away. I felt every vein as it traversed by
sucking lips. The came to rest at the crown as I had extracted another
goodly sized blob of goo to savor. Savor I did and then repeated the process
until there was none left. I think Bob had passed out. When I pulled away
from his softening fat dick his eyes were closed, he was very flushed and
had a really big smile on his face.
After a minutes or two he told me that was the best thing EVER! I thought so
too but still not wanting to look like a total cock whore faggot (the old
days) I just nodded my agreement.
"Man, did you blow your load just from sucking my cock?" Bob asked as he
looked at my crotch seeing the throughly soaked blue nylon panties.
It was all just tones of precum but I told him yes. sweet horney preteens
I would jerkoff at home
later and eat my own load then.
"By the way, the panties look hot on you." Bob said. It turns me on too. You
should wear panties whenever you want to fool around." I guess fool around
meant Suck his Cock.
"I'll try preteens 12 pedo that, maybe." I replied.
Both exhausted we headed home. Put the car in the garage and went in to play
pool like nothing unusual had gone on that day.
So now I am a fully addicted cock sucker, come lover, panty wearer who is
going home tonight and masturbate my brains out in a small sea of lingerie
and maybe a sweet wet preteen
finger in my ass.
More to cum as you might guess.
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